About R.I.S.E. UP Apparel

RISE UP APPAREL established in 2015 is the signature apparel line for RISE UP RVA, Inc. RISE UP RVA Freedom Apparel has been a symbol of strength and Unity for the African, and African American Community up and down the eastern coast of the United States of America. It symbolizes freedom, power, strength and self-determination.

R.I.S.E. UP Mission

Raising Interest in Social Equality (R.I.S.E. UP) is a social advocacy organization that was formed to educate, empower, and engage the community on socio-economic issues and to bring about social change nationally in the African and African American community. We seek to bring awareness and change to socio-economic issues that affect the national community through programming, creativity, community service, opportunities celebrating African and African American culture, and initiatives that provoke thought and actions for improvement.


David Holmes Bey

Educator, and Director of RISE UP RVA, Inc.

David is an Early Literacy Subject Matter Expert focusing on developmentally appropriate practices for Early childhood development. David has supported child development in the community and in public schools by having worked as an ESL teacher, teacher assistant and enrollment specialist in Public Schools and Public Charter Schools for thirteen years. David is also a home school parent, social-emotional curriculum specialist and a community organizer. David has unique skills in media arts, and language arts. David fostered, built, and facilitated the RISE UP Youth programs and serves as the marketing chair, and administrator for all RISE UP Media and using the RISE UP media outlets to educate and empower our community over the last seven years. RISE UP RVA, Inc is currently a part of the Richmond City and Henrico health districts Trauma healing Response Network serving as the media outlet for the community.

David’s Personal is to help families on a path to having healthy children and healthy learners. I know that all children can learn, and have fun doing so. My work and experience has shown me that we must break down barriers that prevent us from getting to the solutions that help families. Language is one of the most successful vehicles I have utilized. Being bilingual has helped me to serve many English as a second language families in the school institutions and in the community.

R.I.S.E. UP Vision
  • Positively transform the lives of others.
  • Uplift the community and build, learn, and grow together.
  • Help to overcome socio-economic barriers
  • Be an advocate for social change.
R.I.S.E. UP Objectives
  • Provide the community with economical, cultural, educational, historical and artistic programming, with a focus on African history, traditions, and contributions
  • Encourage and inspire the community to celebrate and engage in African culture and tradition.
  • Help build positive identity and self-esteem, confidence and African pride within the community.
  • Teach leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency skills.
  • Promote positive youth and adult behavioral development.
  • Promote positive mental and physical health.

Areas of Focus

Economic & Community Development

Support R.I.S.E. Up

Donate to Our Care Packages for the Homeless. You can help our cause by donating to this effort.

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