Rise Up Logo - Final Digital


Raising Interest in Social Equality (R.I.S.E. UP) is a social advocacy organization that was formed to educate, empower, and engage the community on socio-economic issues and to bring about social change nationally in the African and African American community. We seek to bring awareness and change to socio-economic issues that affect the national community through programming, creativity, community service, opportunities celebrating African and African American culture, and initiatives that provoke thought and actions for improvement.


  • Positively transform the lives of others.
  • Uplift the community and build, learn, and grow together.
  • Help to overcome socio-economic barriers
  • Be an advocate for social change.


  • Provide the community with economical, cultural, educational, historical and artistic programming, with a focus on African history, traditions, and contributions
  • Encourage and inspire the community to celebrate and engage in African culture and tradition.
  • Help build positive identity and self-esteem, confidence and African pride within the community.
  • Teach leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency skills.
  • Promote positive youth and adult behavioral development.
  • Promote positive mental and physical health.

Areas of Focus

  • Youth
  • Education
  • Health
  • Economic and Community Development